CGRC regular meeting minutes info

29.04.2019 00:00
  • CGRC regular meeting minutes info:
  • • CGRC is the official registred international association with valid Statutes , Int. racing rules , Doping control rules & European Greyhound Stud Book. CGRC statutes and stucture respect national federations and protect against abuse of their positions .
  • • Only registered full CGRC members from DK, FIN, CZ, HU, ROM are allowed to use CGRC name for races and in any other context.
  • • Its not possible participate in any official CGRC races unless holding a membership and licence (guest licence possible) in a club registered under CGRC.
  • • Federations from other countries, with real support of the principles on which CGRC stands, are welcome.
  • • Naming of board representatives by national federations has been done and CGRC bodies has been approved.
  • • Official email , web , FB - the only valid output .
  • • Official CGRC account (fees & studbook) , multiple access has been created and approved.
  • • Membership fee was set and also paid by all members to CGRC account.
  • • Stud book works with proffessional structure with 14day processing time guarantee (after requirement).
  • • National federations EuGSB stewards named - In Finland Joni Tuhkanen and in Denmark Rikke Bankov.
  • • International CGRC races 2019 has been finally approoved - EC Bjerringbro , ED Isaszeg , European Tour 2019.
  • • All previously agreements has been approved.