Toomaline Jack is again fastest with a 28.37 run

20.05.2010 11:31

Lyreen Mover has showed speed and determination and has won 1/4 final in 28.75. Messedo Blue , Barefoot Bullet etc have had their bad days and as many other favorits are out of this years Derby.

1st semi

1 Lyreen Mover

2 Glenard Sunrise

3 Oran Classic

4 Krug Ninety Five (m)

5 Slick Robert (m)

6 Westmead Scolari (w)


2nd semi

 Romeo Reason

2 Bandicoot Tipoki

3 Head iton Ellis

4 Adageo (w)

5 Farloe Skywalker (w)

6 Toomaline Jack (w)