European Greyhound Stud Book - info & contacts

European Greyhound Stud Book - info & contacts


„Greyhound breeding and pedigrees“ - breeding under the EuGSB rules offers to Continental breeders a standard conditions used in the Alliance of greyhound stud books.

"Registration of Import Greyhounds" by the EuGSB of the CGRC. Any greyhound bred under the rules of any stud book accepted by the international alliance of greyhound stud books (Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, USA ) may be registered in the EuGSB.

„For Export Pedigrees from the EuGSB“ that should be accepted by the Irish Greyhound Stud Book ICC we have to testify, that all dogs with Kennelclub papers in this pedigree go back ,without exception, to ancestors from the Greyhound Stud Books (ICC,NCC, NGA, ANZGA).

The European Greyhound Stud Book of the CGRC accepts as an exemption also Kennelclubs pedigrees „For Continental purpose only“ , as a bridge for Continental European greyhound breeders.


CGRC EuGSB guarantee processing the request within two weeks-after receiving all the documents and payment.


EuGSB Studbook keeper

Ivo Widziolek 



EuGSB printed pedigree example