European Greyhound Stud Book - info & contacts

CGRC EuGSB guarantee processing the request within two weeks-after receiving all the documents and payment All pups will be entered to the database.   „Greyhound breeding and pedigrees“ - breeding under the EuGSB rules offers to Continental breeders a...

EuGSB forms - "pdf"

EuGSB breeder registration_CGRC 2019.pdf (397 kB)   EuGSB greyhound registration_CGRC 2019.pdf (402,1 kB)   EuGSB litter registration_CGRC 2019.pdf (395,5 kB)   EuGSB mating certificate_CGRC 2019.pdf (390,5 kB)                

EuGSB forms - "doc."

EuGSB breeder registration_CGRC 2019.docx (395,4 kB)   EuGSB greyhound registration_CGRC 2019.docx (395,4 kB)   EuGSB litter registration_CGRC 2019.docx (396,4 kB)   EuGSB mating certificate_CGRC 2019.docx (395,7 kB)        

EuGSB fees & payment conditions

  EuGSB fees_CGRC 2019.pdf (394,3 kB)