CGRC© is international association   

stands on Statutes , Int. racing rules , Doping control rules & European Greyhound Stud Book - EuGSB.

Bank details - AC name and owner :
Continental Greyhound Racing Confederation (CIN 07922531)
IBAN: CZ1820100000002101598661

CGRC represents the national federations from the Continental European countries. The purpose of CGRC is to be a co-operative umbrella organisation of nations with interests in greyhound racing on the European Continent. We are keeping together national greyhound racing associations or clubs. We promote the sport internationally , while most of the work has to happen inside the national federations.  European Greyhound Stud Book of the CGRC  , International races – thats effort and work of our people who mostly spare time and money on common interest. Standard procedure is, that national federations members may contact their home federation with all ideas and proposals . Things are further consulted through national federations representatives  at CGRC platform.




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