Dear friends in sport,

GRL, DHV, & CRF would like to introduce some basic facts to stop the misunderstandings, fake news and stop diverting attention to completely different topics.

What was put out by Mr. P. Steinbrecher on his private „CGRC “Facebook page , has nothing to do with reality or any CGRC official statement.


For a tragically long time we have experienced false statements, outright lies, financial manipulations with grants together with non-existing financial reports, and a stud book mega disaster, which has been handled by Mrs. M.Bruder resulting in requests without any response for months and years.

This has undermined and destroyed the principles, rules and the essential foundation on which CGRC stands

Consequently, we have by common consent decided to exclude Mr. Steinbrecher from CGRC effective immediately

All existing or not exist board functions are cancelled effective immediately

We have agreed on a new board with Mr. Joni Tuhkanen as President, Rikke Bankov as Vice President and Treasurer, stud book keeper is Ivo Widziolek

DGC race licenses are no longer valid within CGRC ,any future pedigree issued by Mr. Steinbrecher or M. Bruder is no longer valid ( old ones stay valid) Stud book info will be published soon.

We welcome new members by requests - so far HGRC Hungarian greyhound racing club, RGC Romanian greyhound club.

SHCF will be contacted to clarify if they want to be a full paying and supporting member.

An CGRC account for members fees will be created with full access for the board members.

CGRC International Race Calendar 2019: 
(Based on proposals and requests received before deadline)

European Championship Bjerringbro 24. – 27. / 07 / 2019
Continental Classics Kallerup 22. – 25. / 05 / 2019
European Derby Isaszeg 26 – 28. / 09 / 2019

CGRC info: official website
As to the CGRC Facebook site – This is the official Facebook site of CGRC – please don’t confuse it with the private on with the same name created by Mr.S

Joni Tuhkanen
Rikke Bankov 
Ivo Widziolek

CGRC is the international association representing the national federations from the Continental European countries. The purpose of CGRC is to be a co-operative umbrella organisation of nations with interests in greyhound racing on the European Continent. We are keeping together national greyhound racing associations or clubs. We promote the sport internationally , while most of the work has to happen inside the national federations. We are so far not a professional organization with paid officers. There is only a work of a few people from the board, which use their spare time and money on the common interest . European Greyhound Stud Book of the CGRC , Greyhound-data , International races – thats effort and work of our people. Standard procedure is, that national federations members may contact their home federation with all ideas and proposals . Things are further consulted through national federations representatives  at CGRC platform.



You can contact us in any case using our e-mail.




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