CGRC is the international association representing the national federations from the Continental European countries. The purpose of CGRC is to be a co-operative umbrella organisation of nations with interests in greyhound racing on the European Continent. We are keeping together national greyhound racing associations or clubs. We promote the sport internationally , while most of the work has to happen inside the national federations. We are so far not a professional organization with paid officers. There is only a work of a few people from the board, which use their spare time and money on the common interest . European Greyhound Stud Book of the CGRC , Greyhound-data , International races – thats effort and work of our people. Standard procedure is, that national federations members may contact their home federation with all ideas and proposals . Things are further consulted through national federations representatives  at CGRC platform.


You can contact us in any case using our e-mail.



The Scottish Derby draw

29.03.2009 23:07

Ante post - BCR Press Easter Cup

27.03.2009 16:27
BCR Press Easter Cup   ...

Pall Mall Final

25.03.2009 17:55
Drink Up Zorro (4) beat...

Geldrop Nl - new season

22.03.2009 22:00
    21.03.2009 - Season...


20.03.2009 17:43
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